The Scott Hutchison Effect

Almost a year on, the loss of Scott Hutchison is still very much present in so many people’s hearts, but also in everyday conversations. Scott took his own life on the 10th of May last year and a sea of grief washed over not only the Scottish music scene, but over the whole world and reached fans in every corner of the planet. The days following Scott’s disappearance was a really, really hard time for many, and still to this day I curse the ominous black box that is the Dakota hotel when I see it on the horizon while crossing the Forth Rail Bridge.

His legacy and influence haven’t disappeared, and I absolutely believe they won’t ever. I see Scott mentioned on social media, in magazines (The Skinny has included a wee mention of Scott every month since May) and in conversations every day. Most notably his close friend James Graham, lead singer of The Twilight Sad, has said that Scott’s passing influenced their new album and the band have vowed to sing Frightened Rabbit’s ‘Keep Yourself Warm’ at every live show from now on.

Scott was such a prolific, heartfelt songwriter that left a glimmer of hope amongst the darkest lyrics, and his songs of pain and sadness made the feeling universal and connected listeners with Scott in such a deep and personal way that no other artist has managed to do the same. He was humble, sarcastic, hilarious and felt everything so deeply. Through his suffering he brought so much joy and happiness to so many lives, just through the power of music. He was a voice for the troubled and openly spoke about his mental health and encouraged people to do the same and seek help. Scott was such a significant figure in the Scottish music scene and a friend to everyone who knew him and will be remembered and celebrated forever, he really did make tiny changes to earth.

(Photo by me)

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