Band of the month – February Edition

For my first ‘band of the month’, it’s the Glasgow grunge quartet ‘CRYSTAL’. The band is formed of Anna Shields, Blair Crichton, Lizzie Reid and Aidan McAllister.

One of the best things about CRYSTAL is seeing them live. CRYSTAL’S set is consistently explosive, never gets tiring and keeps you on the edge, wondering what’s next. Despite only having two of their songs available online, they’re the two songs that showcase CRYSTAL as the grungy but polished band that they are. CRYSTAL serve 90’s grunge and punk vibes that are dark and intoxicating but you still can’t help but sing along to the catchy choruses particularly in ‘Heaven’. The band feel different, whilst they definitely have clear influences, they are a big step away from what a lot of their local music scene consists of. They have their own sound and they have certainly perfected it in the form of latest single ‘Sex Rich’.

They have this air of confidence and stand somewhat separate from the rest of the scene which adds to the mysterious and enigmatic vibe of the band, which I have nothing but praise for. Anna and Blair’s chemistry doesn’t go unnoticed and their vocals blend perfectly together above the jagged guitar riffs. How candid Anna is about gender balance and sexism in the music scene makes me appreciate the band even more as it’s not something often spoken about in the punk/male dominated Glasgow scene. I’m always excited to see what Crystal do next and look forward to seeing them blossom even more this year. CRYSTAL are seriously ones to watch in 2019 and you can catch them like at the SAMA takeover festival, The Tenement TV Discover tour and Stag and Dagger festival this spring.

Check out CRYSTAL on Spotify: here.

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(Photo – James A. Grant)



The Scott Hutchison Effect

Almost a year on, the loss of Scott Hutchison is still very much present in so many people’s hearts, but also in everyday conversations. Scott took his own life on the 10th of May last year and a sea of grief washed over not only the Scottish music scene, but over the whole world and reached fans in every corner of the planet. The days following Scott’s disappearance was a really, really hard time for many, and still to this day I curse the ominous black box that is the Dakota hotel when I see it on the horizon while crossing the Forth Rail Bridge.

His legacy and influence haven’t disappeared, and I absolutely believe they won’t ever. I see Scott mentioned on social media, in magazines (The Skinny has included a wee mention of Scott every month since May) and in conversations every day. Most notably his close friend James Graham, lead singer of The Twilight Sad, has said that Scott’s passing influenced their new album and the band have vowed to sing Frightened Rabbit’s ‘Keep Yourself Warm’ at every live show from now on.

Scott was such a prolific, heartfelt songwriter that left a glimmer of hope amongst the darkest lyrics, and his songs of pain and sadness made the feeling universal and connected listeners with Scott in such a deep and personal way that no other artist has managed to do the same. He was humble, sarcastic, hilarious and felt everything so deeply. Through his suffering he brought so much joy and happiness to so many lives, just through the power of music. He was a voice for the troubled and openly spoke about his mental health and encouraged people to do the same and seek help. Scott was such a significant figure in the Scottish music scene and a friend to everyone who knew him and will be remembered and celebrated forever, he really did make tiny changes to earth.

(Photo by me)

Jonnie Wallace – ‘You’ Review

Jonnie Wallace has made big leaps recently ever since his departure into a solo career.
The singer/songwriter has developed strongly, stepping away from the more rock inspired music of his past with former band Ayakara. He is also evolving, changing things up musically as going from previously being solely a drummer to writing his own guitar songs, his new single ‘You’ is released next month. ‘You’ is a charming and sentimental love song dedicated to an anonymous someone. The song is sweet and warm, featuring careful guitar work and well mixed soft vocals. The song features accompanying strings which build up the wooing romantic tone of the song. Jonnie Wallace sings from the heart with a tune that you can’t help but smile and hum along to. The multi-talented musician writes music that’s made for anyone and this song is perfect for easy listening. Jonnie Wallace is inspired by other acoustic songwriters such as Lewis Capaldi but keeps his songs largely personal and meaningful. ‘You’ is anonymous and lets you fill in the blanks for yourself, maybe even reminding you of who ‘you’ would be to you.

‘You’ is released on the 15th of March. Listen to the rest of Jonnie’s music here:

Catch Jonnie’s next gig on the ninth of March supporting Cloud of Starlings at The Hug and Pint.

Follow Jonnie on Facebook (Jonnie Wallace Music) and Instagram (@Jonnie_wallace_music)

Jonnie is also part of a three-piece rock band ‘Felix and the Sunsets’.  A review of their upcoming single ‘Deja Vu’ can be found here.

Photo – Cameron Avery

Felix And The Sunsets – ‘Déjà Vu’ Review

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Don’t Sleep’, Felix And The Sunsets are back with a new brooding single. The Leith band consisting of Felix Christie, Lukas Christie and Jonnie Wallace take influence from Jack White and The Stooges, and their new single certainly shows this. The atmospheric track erupts into the typical garage rock sound Felix And The Sunsets are known for. The song carries the same heavy riff throughout that gives you a buzz from start to finish mixed with Felix’s unique voice and big energetic choruses made for being played live, and loud. The imaginative lyrics and JQGEsjvkpunchy beat stay stuck in your brain long after you listen to it and leave you wanting more. ‘Déjà Vu’ is the bands best song yet, and another reminder Felix And The Sunsets are definitely ones to watch.

‘Déjà Vu’ is out on the 1st of March. Listen to the rest of the band’s music Here

Catch Felix And The Sunsets next gig at Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh) with This Feeling on the 23rd of March! Tickets here: Here

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Photo by: Lensy Henry


Separating The Art From The Artist

(This blog is about Scottish music, but I felt it was important to do a post on the recent abuse allegations against one of my favourite artists, Ryan Adams.)

I’d say I’ve listened to Ryan Adams at least 3 times a week for the past 3 years. He’s one of my favourite artists and songwriters. But I’ve spent the past 2 days listening to Adams on a private session on Spotify so people can’t see that I’ve been listening to the artist recently accused of emotional abuse and sexual harassment.

Adams has been accused by many as taking an interest in new female singers, then offering to help kick start their careers (Starting your career with one of the most significant singer songwriters of the 21st century behind you isn’t a bad way to start, where could it go wrong?) and then he would move in on them. Flirty texts and a blatant pursuit of sex. If he faced rejection or the fling ended, he’d turn emotionally and verbally abusive and refuse to release the music he’d worked on with whichever female artist that rejected him, leading them on and dangling success in front of them and denying it in some perverted power fantasy. He’s been called controlling and manipulating by his ex-wife and has been described as being a very erratic person. On top of all this, the FBI are investigating claims he had been texting a 14-year-old girl and exposed himself to her over skype.

People shouldn’t have to stop listening to the music they love at the fault of the artists. This behaviour and these situations should not be happening. Artists should not be using their power to their advantage with sex. This story is consistent, it’s heart-breaking, and it’s happened too many times.

Ryan Adams vomits back up one of the longest running moral debate in music. Can you separate the art from the artist? Does the artist deserve for you to still listen to and support the music? Is it enough of a revolt to just stopping listening to the artist or should we all be doing more?

Photo by: Laura Mussleman

Fiendz – ‘Tesco Elvis’ Review

What is there to say about Fiendz debut single Tesco Elvis that many scholars and poets already haven’t. The song is, to sum up in one word, mental. It paints a perfect picture of what Fiendz are all about. The song is incredibly catchy, the words ‘Tesco Elvis’ chanted over and over again won’t leave you. Instrumental work on the song is excellent from all sides. There’s a consistent thumping bass line that gets you in to the rage induced mindset of the song, powerful intricate drums and a cacophony of screeching guitar, all of which puts you in a place where you feel like if a bus hit you, it would simply just break in half because you’re just so powerful. The lyrics are just surreal and feel like a very personal vendetta against an unknown Tesco employee. The scary thing is that you can’t help but agree. The song is a perfect opener to explain what Fiendz are and what it’s like to see them live. It’s high energy, it’s easy to remember, the lyrics are hilarious but most importantly it’s a fantastic song. Fiendz are a band that leave your jaw on the floor and then near enough punch  it off.

Listen to the single: here

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Catch their next gig at Broadcast on the 9th of March!


Top 5’s With Finlay McCarthy

I had the pleasure of talking to Finlay McCarthy, bassist of Glasgow’s goth pop band Walt Disco to find out a selection of his top 5’s when it comes to music at the moment.

Top 5 songs at the moment 

1) Toro y Moi – Who Am I

2) Albert Hammond Jr – Far Away Truths

3) George Clanton – Monster 50728521_943818759160146_7047350220958466048_n

4) Wild Nothing – Letting Go

5) LVL UP – Hidden Driver


Top 5 gigs you’ve ever been to

1) Slowdive @ The O2 ABC

2) The Cribs @ The O2 Academy

3) The 1975 @ The Hydro

4) Peach Pit @ Sneaky Pete’s

5) Young Fathers @ Electric Fields

Top 5 songs ever

1) The Bilinda Butchers – Stevie Nicks

2) The Voidz – Human Sadness

3) Ross From Friends – Pale Blue Dot

4) Porches – Now The Water

5) Hebronix – Unliving

Top 5 artists ever

1) The Smashing Pumpkins

2) Hebronix 50019353_317308402141984_1151852443435017009_n

3) The Cribs

4) The Bilinda Butchers

5) Porches

Top 5 Scottish Artists

1) Lucia

2) The Ninth Wave

3) St Martiins

4) Cocteau Twins

5) Young Fathers

Top 5 Scottish Artists Songs

1) Lucia – Blueheart

2) The Ninth Wave – Love You Til the End

3) St Martiins – ur so pretty

4) Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

5) Young Fathers – Shame


Photo’s by: Dougy Hill

Stream Walt Disco’s latest single ‘My Pop Sensibilities’ on Spotify here :

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