Felix And The Sunsets – ‘Déjà Vu’ Review

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Don’t Sleep’, Felix And The Sunsets are back with a new brooding single. The Leith band consisting of Felix Christie, Lukas Christie and Jonnie Wallace take influence from Jack White and The Stooges, and their new single certainly shows this. The atmospheric track erupts into the typical garage rock sound Felix And The Sunsets are known for. The song carries the same heavy riff throughout that gives you a buzz from start to finish mixed with Felix’s unique voice and big energetic choruses made for being played live, and loud. The imaginative lyrics and JQGEsjvkpunchy beat stay stuck in your brain long after you listen to it and leave you wanting more. ‘Déjà Vu’ is the bands best song yet, and another reminder Felix And The Sunsets are definitely ones to watch.

‘Déjà Vu’ is out on the 1st of March. Listen to the rest of the band’s music Here

Catch Felix And The Sunsets next gig at Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh) with This Feeling on the 23rd of March! Tickets here: Here

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Photo by: Lensy Henry



Fiendz – ‘Tesco Elvis’ Review

What is there to say about Fiendz debut single Tesco Elvis that many scholars and poets already haven’t. The song is, to sum up in one word, mental. It paints a perfect picture of what Fiendz are all about. The song is incredibly catchy, the words ‘Tesco Elvis’ chanted over and over again won’t leave you. Instrumental work on the song is excellent from all sides. There’s a consistent thumping bass line that gets you in to the rage induced mindset of the song, powerful intricate drums and a cacophony of screeching guitar, all of which puts you in a place where you feel like if a bus hit you, it would simply just break in half because you’re just so powerful. The lyrics are just surreal and feel like a very personal vendetta against an unknown Tesco employee. The scary thing is that you can’t help but agree. The song is a perfect opener to explain what Fiendz are and what it’s like to see them live. It’s high energy, it’s easy to remember, the lyrics are hilarious but most importantly it’s a fantastic song. Fiendz are a band that leave your jaw on the floor and then near enough punch  it off.

Listen to the single: here

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Catch their next gig at Broadcast on the 9th of March!


Top 5’s With Finlay McCarthy

I had the pleasure of talking to Finlay McCarthy, bassist of Glasgow’s goth pop band Walt Disco to find out a selection of his top 5’s when it comes to music at the moment.

Top 5 songs at the moment 

1) Toro y Moi – Who Am I

2) Albert Hammond Jr – Far Away Truths

3) George Clanton – Monster 50728521_943818759160146_7047350220958466048_n

4) Wild Nothing – Letting Go

5) LVL UP – Hidden Driver


Top 5 gigs you’ve ever been to

1) Slowdive @ The O2 ABC

2) The Cribs @ The O2 Academy

3) The 1975 @ The Hydro

4) Peach Pit @ Sneaky Pete’s

5) Young Fathers @ Electric Fields

Top 5 songs ever

1) The Bilinda Butchers – Stevie Nicks

2) The Voidz – Human Sadness

3) Ross From Friends – Pale Blue Dot

4) Porches – Now The Water

5) Hebronix – Unliving

Top 5 artists ever

1) The Smashing Pumpkins

2) Hebronix 50019353_317308402141984_1151852443435017009_n

3) The Cribs

4) The Bilinda Butchers

5) Porches

Top 5 Scottish Artists

1) Lucia

2) The Ninth Wave

3) St Martiins

4) Cocteau Twins

5) Young Fathers

Top 5 Scottish Artists Songs

1) Lucia – Blueheart

2) The Ninth Wave – Love You Til the End

3) St Martiins – ur so pretty

4) Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

5) Young Fathers – Shame


Photo’s by: Dougy Hill

Stream Walt Disco’s latest single ‘My Pop Sensibilities’ on Spotify here :

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Here Come The Brides

Wives haven’t released any music, or even performed live, yet they’re the band people can’t stop talking about. In a time when all eyes are on the Glasgow music scene, with multiple Scottish bands joining the SXSW line up or embarking on UK tour’s, Wives bring something new to the scene with an unusual line up and a different sound. I spoke to the founding members Anna Reeves and Joshua Cakir for their first interview to find out more about the band.

What is Wives?

AR – me and Josh met about a year ago, weboth knew we were into music and I knew he was in a band (Edinburgh based band ‘Nasari’) and I study music now. I moved to Edinburgh and I started to hang out with Eilidh (guitarist in Wives) and decided we wanted to start a kind of riot girl band like a kind of band that had feminist themes, so then Josh and Cal (bass) who I’d met after a gig made a group chat and added Eilidh and Tom (drummer).

What is the inspiration behind wives? 55ace09370dbbb7238efd4078e0b4d6ebde09a331590df290c4b0ac16b0b3ea7

JC – Well, it’s 80s/90s inspired, we draw inspiration from a lot of other bands because all 5 of us are into all different types of music, some of it is similar, but we all have really different tastes.

AC- Lots of kinds of punk and post punk, and some new wave sounds too.

JC – Even some Sludgy, gothy, experimental stuff.

What bands/artists would you say have inspired your music?

AR – We want to make a mix of lots of different sounds, like the Pixies and maybe Slaves too.

JC – Placebo as well, that’s been brought up a lot and I’d say Radiohead too actually.

AR – We’re like a sexy Radiohead!

Why do you think a band like wives is so important at the moment?

JC – Cause there’s a very limited amount of strong female fronted bands out there at the moment.

AR – It’s a band with 5 different people from 5 completely different musical and artistic backgrounds and politics and feminism is really important to all of us. And also, in terms of the amount of music and subculture that’s happening in Glasgow and Edinburgh? Its another product of that.

JC – And I think in amongst the punk scene, all eyes are on Glasgow just now. I think Wives has come at the right time, cause you have a lot of bands and band styles like genres coming back and drawing influence from the 90’s. You’ve got lots of new bands like Hinds etc drawing influence from Bikini kill but making it more modern so it has more of a flare to it you could say.

AR- I think its going to take some working out and development but that’s what we’re most excited about.

b0e438f8e521c92bf297a3ed0d9fbc3ac1a071e54ba3fde97a5cabcffa8ee261JC – There’s a lot of musical talent in the band and what I think is good is that we’re not actually rushing a set, we’ll spend a long time on a song to get it right. The weird thing is we all have really different tastes but when we all come together, they all sound like the belong in the same set.

 What’s your plans for the future, in the next year or so?

AR – Lots more recording and writing. I think we’d like to do some videos too. We’re all really into visual arts, particularly Cal who’s just applied for art school.

JC – We’re looking to gig as much as possible as well, gigging is so important. We’ve only been on Instagram for 2 weeks and we’ve already had people asking us about playing with them. We’re planning to go into the studio in the next 2 or 3 months and get something out as soon as we can. We’re planning to not take it easy and just get right into it with the momentum we’ve already got.

AR – We’re taking our time in terms of being creative and having things how we want but we’re excited about it happening

When’s your first gig?

JC – 14th of March at Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh). And then 3 days later we’re doing the Queens of Noise conference with lots of good bands.

Catch Wives at their first live shows of 2019 and keep your eyes peeled for more announcements on their Instagram (@wivestheband) and their facebook (@Wives) .

Photos by Rosie Sco